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Former Globe Dye Workers Sought for New Video

If hearing the name “Globe Dye Works” sends a shiver of recognition up your spine, Philadelphia Sculptors would love to hear from you. Philadelphia Sculptors will be producing a video portraying the history of Globe Dye Works and the role it played in the Frankford community. This will be shown in conjunction with ”Catagenesis”, a large exhibition of sculptural installations to be exhibited on Globe’s premises on Worth Street during September and October 2012. The focus of the video will be on the people whose lives were affected by the factory.

This will be an opportunity for former Globe workers, people who live(d) in the neighborhood and had a connection to Globe, or friends and relatives of Globe workers, to tell their stories and have their voices heard. Interviewers will visit the community and speak with all those interested in sharing their experiences, stories, mementos, and viewpoints on camera. No prior experience is necessary and all who are interested will be interviewed. Interviewing is set to begin immediately in order to complete the production before the show opens in September.

The video will be shown at Globe during the seven week run of the show and other venues will be sought after the show closes to make it available to a larger audience.

Anyone who is interested in being interviewed or otherwise involved in the project, or who has additional questions, should contact Leslie Kaufman at 215-413-9126 or by e-mail at For additional information about Philadelphia Sculptors and the upcoming exhibition, go to