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Soup is Good for the Soul

I happened by the Sweet Haven Assisted Living home today at 4827 Oxford Avenue.  There were banners flying, so I stopped to see what was happening.  They were giving away soup to anyone who happened to go by from noon to 2PM.  It’s a way of giving back to the community and of course, it is Lent.  The owner of the home is Gloria Tangco and the event was Co sponsored by Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine which has a location up at the Forman Mills Shopping Center on Rising Sun Avenue.

The soup was well received by all who had the pleasure and on a cool but sunny afternoon it was greatly appreciated.  We have a number of folks living in rooms in the neighborhood, so a nice hot cup of soup seemed to be a welcome gift.

Now for all of you history buffs, do you know what that house and this link have in common.  Feel free to post your comments.  It has nothing to do with soup but I told the folks giving away the soup that it has some interesting historic link.

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  1. I know the truth about that house, but you should wait and make it a post of its own. Email me about it if you want any details I might be able to help with:

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