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Frankford High School JROTC News for February 2012

2LT Antonio Torres

Every year the JROTC Committee chooses one cadet from each school to receive the “Good Citizenship Award.” This year from

cadet Anthony Agront and cadet Lea Mull

Frankford High School, Cadet 2LT Antonio Torres was honored to be chosen for this award. Cadet Torres will be invited to the Union League Headquarters in Center City to participate in a workshop, dinner, and a special presentation describing a competition for an exclusive scholarship.



Every year the mayor of Philadelphia chooses a select number of students from each school to receive the “Most Improved Student” award. Not only did Mayor Nutter select one student from Frankford High School, he selected two! They both belong to the Pioneer Battalion, cadet Anthony Agront and cadet Lea Mull. These two amazing students will be invited to City Hall along with other “Improved” students throughout the city for an exclusive dinner.