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Going to Wildwood This Summer?

Many residents from Frankford/Northwood spend some time in Wildwood every Summer.  If you are heading that way, this is a heads up:

Christmas in July

The North Wildwood Beach Patrol will host Santa Claus as he visits the beach during the annual “Christmas in July” program Saturday July 21, 2012.   Santa and his helpers start at 1pm at the 2nd Ave beach, and work towards the 26th Ave beach.   Been naughty so far this year?  No worries.  There will be Christmas music and candy canes for all.   A decorated lifeguard boat will be located on the beach near 6th Ave.  Bring your camera and take photos of your family for this year’s Christmas card.   Information:  North Wildwood Beach Patrol  (609) 522-7500.

Wildwood Pizza Tour

This is a family plug but worthwhile knowing about.  This will mark the 6th year of the annual Wildwood Pizza Tour.  If you are a connoisseur of pizza and ever hit the Wildwood Boardwalk then you should take a look at Chris Martin’s web site.   Summer appears to have arrived.  Follow this link.