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Last Week for Peaches at the FTC Farmer’s Market

We took a look at the FTC Farmers market last week and I have to report rave reviews from the neighbors here on the block who sampled the corn and peaches.  I emailed Lindsey (the farmer) to see if there would be more this week and she reports that this may be the last week for peaches.

Coming up though: “The season is ending for peaches, tomatoes, and watermelons, but we’ll have lots of fall crops to fill the table.  In the weeks to come, we’ll start bringing sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, collard greens, turnips, etc.  We’re also excited about our winter squash haul this season–we have 5 different varieties that should keep us well-stocked through Thanksgiving.  And, thankfully, we expect to have the corn into October.”

The market is open Tuesdays, from 2PM to 6PM.  Located at the Frankford Transportation Center on the corner of Frankford and Bustleton Avenues.  Try the Peace water melon if you get a chance.