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Chamber Music in Frankford

Corda Nova

Thanks to the efforts of Ken Houser (director of music at St. Williams Catholic church) and Father Steve Wetzel (pastor of St. Joachim), the Baroque Music trio Corda Nova appeared at St. Joachim Friday night.

Corda Nova is Edmond Chan who plays the Baroque Violin;  Amy Domingues playing the Viola da Gamba;  Anthony Harvey playing the Theorbo/Baroque Lute.  I did not hear the entire concert until I played the recording the next day with earphones.  My hearing is so bad that I miss all the high notes which does detract from the experience.  However, listening to the playback, I was enthralled.

I am linking here to our YouTube page where I have a short recording with some stills.  It is well worth a few minutes to listen to these three people make magic.  You can hear more of Corda Nova on their YouTube page here:

They are also on Facebook here:

We hope they come back.