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Emma Gardner Comes Back to Frankford at the Globe

Emma Gardner

Frankford native, Emma Gardner, returned with an exhibition of twelve new paintings at Rachel Citrino’s B102 Gallery at the Globe Dye Works on Saturday the 13th.  The show will run each Saturday and Sunday through November 4th.  Gardner grew up on Harrison Street and attended Frankford High School, then went on to the University of Delaware.  She now lives in Flagstaff Arizona.

The subjects of the paintings are the roller derby girls of Flagstaff’s High Altitude Roller Derby team and the result is as colorful as the sport itself.  There is something special about skeletal girls in roller derby gard.  When I read about this I had one expectation and when I saw them, it turned out to be entirely something else.  It works really well.  The skeletons have personalities and charm.  I will never think of Pipi Longstockings in quite the same way.

Stop by the Globe Saturday or Sunday between Noon and 5 and have a look for yourself.  The show is open through November 4th.