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Save the Y

Not Because it is a piece of our past, but because it is vital to our future!


As you may have heard, our community has regained possession of the Frankford Y!  While exciting, the issues presented are vast in order to save the Y as vandals, looters, and age have take its toll on the building and immediate action is needed stabilize the structure preventing its loss. Specifically, and most immediate, the roof is leaking in several locations and basic utility service in needed.  This letter is a plea to each and every one of you, my neighbors, to help me save this piece of our neighborhood, not because it is a piece of our past, but because it is vital to our future.

The incoming board of directors, including myself as President, have plans to develop programs that use this facility in a manner that benefits everyone. Our vision and our use of the building will be centered on enabling individuals to achieve more then what they have today. GED courses, the training of trade skills, higher education and job location and placement will be the foundation of our programs as teaching a person to fish instead of giving them one creates vested neighbors who cares about themselves, their future, and their community. Further, support and social services including child care, personal fitness and aquatics will be offered as an intergrated plan of individual achievement.

Many of you know of my investment in the community and the restoration of 4700-12 Castor where I live with my wife and 4 children. Know that I am committed to the restoration of the Y. However, neither my commitment, nor the commitment of my board will be enough. Our future will
be determined by your choice, right here, right now. What you do with this letter will determine our future and the development of our community. Follow this link to a donation slip. Use it best you can, remembering that, like the Y, abandonment leads to deterioration and eventual destruction. Please contribute to our future immediately and on a monthly basis and remember all donations are tax deductible as the Y is a 503(c)3. Please give today! Mail Check or credit card payment information t0 the address below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on my cell at 267-393-2663.

Franklin A. Bennett III, Esq.
President and CEO
4700 Leiper Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124

4 thoughts on “Save the Y

  1. May we have the names of the incoming board of directors?

  2. The list of the board members is not out yet since not everyone has accepted. We should have them when it is finalized on October 27th. No politicians have been invited. Mr. Bennett is looking for a board that will actually be active.

  3. Many of the residents of Frankford/Northwood would like to see the Y restored. And Mr. Bennetts’ ideas for the use of the Y are impressive.

    What are the plans for the cost of the construction needed in order to get the Y back to a public facility? Is Mr. Bennett and the new board dependent on public donations alone? It’s my understanding that the Y needs a considerable amouont of money in order for it to once again become a community center. I may be a skeptic but I don’t believe that funds donated by the residents of Frankford/Northwood will be enough for the construction cost. Will the new board be applying for government grants?

    I’m sure these issues were discussed at the Northwood Civic meeting. However not many residents of Frankford/Northwood are able to attend Northwood Civic meetings and this article is a plea for donations from the residents of Frankford/Northwood.

    I would like to help with the restoration of the Y but I need to know there is a viable plan in place.

  4. @Lorraine-Frank Bennett left his contact info on the flyer; contact him. He would welcome the help you are offering and would be able to answer all your questions. No point in trying to get answers from people who would be guessing at what the plans are for the Y. I know the guy personally and he will not sugarcoat anything; he’s open and honest.

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