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First NAC Zoning Meeting a Success

5029 charles st web

5029 Charles St.

The Frankford NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Council) met Thursday, January 17th for the first zoning issue vote in its history.  The owners of 5029 Charles Street need a variance to legalize the fence that they have erected around their property.  It exceeds the standard of 4 feet by 18 inches.  The community voted to approve the variance.  A letter to the zoning board will be forwarded to that effect.  The Frankford Civic had previously also approved the variance.

Two residents who are applying for a variance at 1829 Fillmore Street for a day care, attended the meeting.  They will be making their presentation at a future meting.

At the next NAC meeting, on February 14th, the application to legalize a 2nd story deck at 5206 Pennway Street will be on agenda.