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African American History at the Historical Society of Frankford

The Board of Directors of the Historical Society of Frankford are grateful to Leon Brantley for his offer to work with us to promote greater appreciation of African-American history in Frankford.  We accept the offer enthusiastically.

We invite anyone interested in African-American history and the history of other ethnic groups in Frankford or anywhere in Northeast Philadelphia to get in touch with us by e-mail to; by regular mail to:

The Historical Society of Frankford
P.O. Box 4888
Philadelphia, PA 19124;

or by telephone, at 215.743.6030.

We also encourage anyone so interested to visit our website,, and to attend our next meeting, on May 14 at 7:30, at the society, 1507 Orthodox Street, and subsequent ones, on the second Tuesday of June, September, October, November, December, March, and April.

We encourage anyone interested in history in Frankford to join the society and to work with us on the identification of sites of interest, documentation, and presentation of our neighborhood’s history.