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Frankford Civic Gives Thumbs Up to Jackson Street Day Care

meetiing 05022013At the Frankford Civic Association meeting on May 2nd, the group voted to support the zoning request to operate a day care center at 5045 Jackson Street.  Pete Specos, President of the Civic Association, had reviewed all the paperwork made a site visit prior to the meeting.

The residents of the 4700 block of Griscom Street are up in arms about sanitation.   With a large vacant lot on the block, people come to walk their dogs and fail to clean up afterwards.  One resident noted that its even spread to Frankford Avenue.  They want signs posted warning the offenders that there is a $300 fine for this offense.  Pete Specos said he would refer the problem to the sanitation police.

Other issues at the meeting:

  • The group voted to support a variance for a kitchen extension at 1950 Bridge Street.
  • A case for a garage at 1728 Orthodox which was discussed at last month’s meeting and did not find support. It was continued by the zoning board at the hearing downtown.  The Civic took another vote and the result was to support the variance.
  • The application by the owner of 4731 Griscom Street for a variance for a take out Crown Fried Chicken store was withdrawn. He hopes to find a use for the property the meets approval by the community.
  • A resident reports that two dead dogs have been found in Northwood Park recently.  That issue will be referred to the proper authority.
  • A resident of the 4800 block of Oxford Avenue attended the meeting looking for guidance in becoming block captain and organizing a clean up.  Several other block captains offered advice.

This was an unusually well attended meeting with close to 30 people in the meeting room.  The next Frankford Civic Association meeting will be held on June 6th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.