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Frankford NAC meeting Update

The Frankford NAC meeting on June 13th had no zoning issues to discuss but several important announcements were made.

  • The NAC office as relocated to the office of the Frankford CDC at 4900 Griscom Street.  It is staffed by Simone Smith Monday through Friday from 9AM till 5PM.
  • The computer lab at this location is now also available when the NAC office is open.
  • Kimberly Washington, Executive Director of the Frankford CDC and Business Corridor manager is now working out of the CDC office.
  • Charlene Lewis will be assuming duties of the Northeast EPIC Stakeholders group formerly held by Kim Washington.
  • Representative Clay is sponsoring a Community Fair at the Glading Memorial Presbyterian Church at 1267 E. Cheltenham Ave. on Saturday June 22nd from 11AM to 3PM.

The next NAC meeting will be held on July 11th at 7PM at 2nd Baptist Church.