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Northwood Civic Association Meeting June 18th

There were only 10 attending the meeting on Tuesday night at St. James but there were quite a few questions and some discussion.

  • The owners of 5260 Castor Avenue have presented a new business plan for the property.  They have signatures of neighbors in the immediate area supporting their application of operate a hair salon at that address.  The Civic has decided to submit a letter of non opposition to the plan to the zoning board.
  • Simpson playground is is still falling down and there are no plans from the city to repair it.  The damage would take capital funds and the council representatives say there is no money.  The pool will open this summer with porta potties available for the swimmers and others users of the facility.  Is this the best they can do?
  • Tom McAvoy reported on the success the Townwatch has had in eliminating truck parking on residential streets in Northwood.  Captain McCloskey has been very supportive.

The next Northwood Civic Association meeting will be held on Tuesday July 16th at 7PM at St. James Lutheran Church at Castor Ave. and Pratt St.