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Streets Department Announces New Sanitation Regulations

I’ve heard numerous complaints over the years that some people have been ticketed by the sanitation police for setting their trash and recycling out before 7PM.  Some seniors are reluctant to be out after dark and in the winter that comes early.  This new regulation addresses that problem.  Also note the new rules for old mattresses.

PHILADELPHIA – Acting Streets Commissioner David J. Perri announced today changes in the Sanitation regulations governing the set-out times for trash and recycling collections and how mattresses and box springs are placed out for curbside collection. These changes affect residents and small businesses that receive City Sanitation services.

Effective October 1 through March 31, there will be a new set-out time for trash and recycling collections citywide. Citizens will now be able to set out their trash and recyclables as early as 5:00 PM on the evening before the day of collection. The set-out time from April 1 to September 30 will remain at no earlier than 7:00 PM on the evening before the day of collection. The new regulation will ensure that citizens have the ability to set out their trash during daylight hours throughout the entire year. This change was enabled by recent City Council legislation.

Effective December 1, the regulations for setting out mattresses and box springs will also change by requiring residents to wrap those items in mattress covers in order to be collected. This regulation is being instituted to protect against the spread of bed bugs.

Mattresses and box springs that are not properly wrapped will not be collected nor accepted at our Sanitation Convenience Centers. Mattress bags are available at many retail stores and on-line.

The Streets Department thanks citizens for their cooperation as we continuously work to improve to provide CLEAN and SAFE STREETS.