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Political Commentary

We don’t offer much in the way of political commentary but some readers have offered their opinions so in the next few weeks we will be featuring them here.  Feel free to email me your submissions, if you would like to be featured.

Let’s talk politics

By Richard Johnson

People, Election time is coming up on May 20th and you will have to decide.

So far, in the Frankford section, you have two homies or neighborhood boys going against each other. So will this battle for the prize (state Rep) be a mild one or a get down and dirty one?

Will it be a boxing match where hitting below the belt doesn’t matter so long as you win or will it be a nice soft game of chess where strategy and wit wins?

Will it be the law of the jungle type where the strongest survive?

Only one thing matters about this contest; you have a winner and a loser The real loser will be you, the voter, if you pull the wrong lever. Here is a suggestion. When you go into the polling booth, make sure you have a coin. Flip it to make your choice and after the election you can blame the coin if you are not satisfied with how promises that were made before the election are fulfilled.

After all the yackity yak, a flip of the coin just might be the best choice.