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Political Commentary

We don’t offer much in the way of political commentary but some readers have offered their opinions so in the next few weeks we will be featuring them here.  Feel free to email me your submissions, if you would like to be featured.

Let’s talk politics

By Richard Johnson

People, Election time is coming up on May 20th and you will have to decide.

So far, in the Frankford section, you have two homies or neighborhood boys going against each other. So will this battle for the prize (state Rep) be a mild one or a get down and dirty one?

Will it be a boxing match where hitting below the belt doesn’t matter so long as you win or will it be a nice soft game of chess where strategy and wit wins?

Will it be the law of the jungle type where the strongest survive?

Only one thing matters about this contest; you have a winner and a loser The real loser will be you, the voter, if you pull the wrong lever. Here is a suggestion. When you go into the polling booth, make sure you have a coin. Flip it to make your choice and after the election you can blame the coin if you are not satisfied with how promises that were made before the election are fulfilled.

After all the yackity yak, a flip of the coin just might be the best choice.



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We Thank You for Your Service

This is the first in a series of a monthly feature authored by Richard Johnson.  It began running in the print edition of the Gazette in January.

Richard is a retiree living in the Meadow House and a proud veteran of the U. S. Army.  It was his concept and am publishing it for him, although I wish I had thought of it myself.

We are compiling a list of the names of veterans who are from Frankford.  If you would like yourself or anyone listed please email me at with their name and branch of service.  Also indicate if they are living or have passed on.  We will publish the complete list on November 11th Veterans Day.

Veteran of the month is Guy D. Lewis.

Guy D. Lewis retired after 22 years of service in the U.S. Army.  Last rank held was Major.  He was eligible for promotion to Lt. Colonel.

Bachelor of Science, Nursing from Temple University (2001) MS with a major in Health Education from Saint Joseph’s University (2006)  Professional Background
* 21 plus years as a Registered Nurse
* 16 years in the operating-room at Temple University Hospital
* 16 year member of a Level 1 Trauma Center’s Trauma Team
* Certified as a trauma provider since 1991
* 6 years in physical rehabilitation (brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, strokes, pressure sores, amputations and other disabilities)
* Worked simultaneously in ICU, step down Unit, ED and an extended care facility throughout career
* 18 plus years in the US Army Nurse Corps as a 66H Medical Surgical Nurse), 66J (Clinic Nurse), & 66E (Perioperative Nurse)
* Interim Commander of the 625th Forward Surgical Team
* 16 years as an American Heart Association Basic Cardiac Life Support Instructor
* 8 years as a state certified Emergency Medical Technician (Ambulance)

Community Service
* Produces Annual Black History Celebration.  Teaches CPR and first aid to Scouts, church groups, day care center staff, and community residents – Conducts physical examinations for the Frankford Chargers Organization. – Coached little league basketball at the Northeast Boys & Girls Club – Northeast Boys & Girls Club Volunteer— Sponsored a food & clothing drive for the less fortunate—Board member of the Metropolitan Boys & Girls Clubs of America— Vice President of the Northeast Boys & Girls Club, Men’s Club.

We Salute the following veterans for their service:

Tillman Avery—Navy *

John Berry —Army

James Berry—Army*

Floyd R. Coleman—Marines

Kelly Debman—Army

Doctor Forrest—Army*

Tom Barland—Army

Henry Haskin—Army

Joe Holiday—Army

Samuel Johnson—Navy*

Edward Keith—Army

Henry Lewis—Army*

Nathan Lewis—Army

Paul Lewis—Army*

Russell McCoy—Army*

Calvester Montgomery-Army*

Angelita Nix—Marines*

Charles Pittman—Air Force

Wallace Randolph—Army*

David Rivera—Army

Robert Smiley—Air Force

Robert Turner Sr.—Marines*

Alfonso Whitmore—Army

Felicia Williams—Navy*