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NAC Election Coming Up in April

Frankford NAC Election for Committee Members


The Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) serves as a subcommittee of the Frankford Community Development Corporation (CDC).  The purpose of the committee is to assist the Frankford CDC with fulfilling it’s obligations to the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Housing and Community Development.  The NAC board provides citizens with adequate opportunity to participate in decisions made around the delivery of affordable housing resources and development in the Frankford community.


Election for committee members will be held on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015.  Community residents will elect committee members.  The polling locations and times are as follows:
McIlvain Recreation Center                                     5200 Penn Street                    3PM – 6PM
Turning Points for Children’s FAWN Food Pantry   4346 Frankford Avenue           1PM – 6PM
Northeast Treatment Center                                   4625 Frankford Avenue            9AM – 3PM
Frankford Community Development Corporation   4900 Griscom Street                 5PM – 7PM


Voters will need to show proof that they live in the NAC Service Area.  State ID or 2 Utility Bills wills be accepted as proof of address.


Any resident who would like serve on the committee should contact Christine DeJesus, NAC Coordinator at (215) 743 – 6580 or by email at  Candidates need to provide a brief bio to be advertised to residents.  The bios need to be sent to Christine by Thursday, March 12th at 5PM..
The boundaries of the NAC service area are Roosevelt Boulevard from Cheltenham Avenue down to the Delaware River over to Granite Street and From Granite Street to the Frankford Creek to Tacony Street back up to Roosevelt Boulevard and Whitaker Avenue.

3 thoughts on “NAC Election Coming Up in April

  1. 2 questions, 1 serious and 1 for fun…I guess. Why do your boundaries infringe on those of other neighborhood organizations who have a direct stake in their area, and who are more knowledgeable and better prepared to know what is best for their tiny island of a neighborhood; I mean your group name is FRANKFORD NAC? Second, I thought everyone in Philly was against voter ID laws?

  2. The boundaries “overlap” (infringe is such a confrontational word lol!) because the City gets a limited number of funds to implement these types of programs so they award them to organizations with the higher concentration of low to moderate income and ask as a courtesy that they open the program up to other pockets of surrounding neighborhoods with a high number of low to moderate income residents. However, it does not exclude folks from those “overlapping” areas from participating on the board and from contributing to the decision making. FCDC encourages folks from those overlapping areas to run for a seat on the board.

    As to your second question (joke), Voter ID is how we make sure folks “who are more knowledgeable and better prepared to know what is best for their tiny island of a neighborhood” are this on the board and not that folks who are not stakeholders in the neighborhood somehow end up making the decisions.

    I can assure you it’s not a power struggle, its away of making the most out of limited federal funding….

  3. Federal Funding?????? Wow, the people in the neighborhood groups I deal with are all volunteers and do so in an attempt to protect their property values and the integrity of their neighborhood. I didn’t realize there was money and salaries involved.

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