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Frankford Creek Greenway

The first piece of the Frankford Creek Greenway was quietly built last year on Aramingo Avenue at Wheatsheaf Lane and hardly anybody noticed including me.  At one of the Brownfield meetings recently I ran into Rob Armstrong (Parks and Recreation) and he gave me the tip.  When you go into the Wawa over there, you might notice a large,  wide strip of asphalt that runs the perimeter of their property.  That is the Frankford Greenway, so far.IMG_7763

The encouraging thing about this is that if illustrates what planning does.  In this case it made if possible to get this little piece of the project built at very little cost.  It was incorporated into the construction of that new shopping area.

Much of the Frankford Creek Greenway is planned to be done the same way as I95 is reconstructed in the area.  All the way up to Torresdale Avenue and almost the entire way to connect to the Delaware River trail at Bridesburg.

The most recent proposed route is below.  There are sections where it will have to run along city streets and others where it will run along the creek like at the Twins at Powder Mill development.

Below is the proposed routing.  This is a link to the feasibility study where the entire plan is laid out.

frankford creek greenway

We will keep you updated when other news develops.