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Frankford Zoning Meeting for July

Frankford’s Amuneal Manufacturing Corp. was denied community support for their application for a spray paint booth at their new facility at 4243 Torresdale Avenue at the NAC meeting on August 13th.  They have had to expand their facility beyond their two existing buildings on Paul and Darragh Streets.  The company had to go to zoning for a Special Exception for the spray paint process.  Their other manufacturing uses are permitted under the present zoning code.

4243 Torresdale Avenue (photo from Google maps)

4243 Torresdale Avenue (photo from Google maps)

Residents cited concerns about the health hazards of the process and traffic backups caused by deliveries to the facility.  Amuneal countered that they are fully compliant with OSHA standards and have an outstanding safety record.  The traffic issue is projected to be minimal since their deliveries are primarily in shorter length trucks than the 53 footers that have caused problems with other tenants of the building in the past. The spray paint booth is presently in use at their other location and is not a new process.  It has not caused any problems in the past.  They need to move it to the new building for the sake of efficiency and that will allow increased production and will result in more jobs.

Residents questioned how many employees are from Frankford now. The company says they do employ Frankford residents when they meet the qualifications for the job.  One resident spoke up a the meeting noting that if everyone complains that there are no good businesses in Frankford and if we continue to oppose those that we have now, there will be fewer in the future.

Other cases at the meeting were an application to legalize the duplex at 1627 Wakeling Street.  That application was supported.

In another case, the owner of R&B Custom Auto Body at 2007-13 Kinsey Street was seeking a variance for an existing spray paint booth.  Local residents did not support the application citing traffic issues with the business.

A case that had been continued for 1301 Fillmore Street at last month’s meting was continued once again.

The next meeting of the Frankford NAC will be on September 10th at 7 PM at Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.

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  1. Seems Frankford is a neighborhood that complains about a lack of jobs, and then refuses to allow existing businesses to expand. Duplexes and Triplexes are a welcome eyesore that deplete parking, increase traffic, prevent home ownership, and add zero value to the neighborhood. Looks like the NAC has got it all backwards.

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