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Veteran of the Month

Good Old Army Days!

Good Old Army Days!

Albert W. Brooks was born 1938 in the Northeast of the Frankford section of Philadelphia. He received his education from the Philadelphia school system. Shortly after high school in 1952; he enlisted in the US Army-Paratroopers Division of CO-C 506 ABN INF & RE GT 101 ABN INF DIV-Fort Jackson, SC; August-September 1955.

On December 15, 1957, he challenged greater hurdles while serving in the military and earned rank as SGT Brooks with the completion of the Flame Warfare Orientation Course which he remarkably achieved prodigious merits. Later, Albert; was honorably discharged.

Albert the courageous loving husband to his wife Francis and a devoted father of two children; Veronica D. Brooks-Robinson (daughter) and Albert W. Jr. (son), he still continued in his valiant efforts and was an employee of the Desoto Chemical CO as well as a packaging company prior to his retirement years. He cherished and loved his grandchildren prior to his death in 1996.

Albert held a position and was an active member of the American Legion Post 224. He also volunteered countless amounts of volunteer hours helping the Frankford Chargers football league.

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  1. Hey Mrs. Franny and family, This is Shelly. even tho I’m way down South Carolina , I still try to keep up with Frankford. Was very happy to see Mr. Al make veteran of the month. Reading this article made me think of you and of course it brought back some fond memories. Hope all is well with all of you. Be Blessed. Love Shelly Butler-Peay

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