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Baby Grayson Finally Comes Home

Before & After
Prevailing Hereditary Diseases
By Sophia H. Lewis “Nana”

Grayson with mom Kyra

By the grace of our faith, we as grandparents expect the new births of our continuous blood lines of generations to be uninterrupted without ever having to face complications. I beg to differ. My grandson, Grayson, was born a beautiful baby boy. Then a few short weeks later, a severe medical condition called Cardiomyopathy drastically affected my grandson’s life and then God performed His miracles and blessings.

Grayson had no prior signs or symptoms that indicated he was about to become gravely ill. There was no way for him to alert his parents that his tiny body was soon about to endure the fight of his life. Late one night in August, Grayson started with a grunting breathing sound. I said to my daughter, a first-time mother, “Grayson’s breathing sounds a bit unusual. “  She immediately called the pediatrician and he suggested taking him to the nearest emergency room.

As the family sat and waited, the last thing to ever cross our minds was for my daughter to come out to the waiting room of the ER to announce to us that Grayson needed intubation ASAP! I gasped for air. Every second became valuable just like that. Once he was placed on the respirator, his status changed drastically. His blood pressure skyrocketed, glucose levels plummeted, and his heart was being challenged.

Emergency transport was arranged to move him to another hospital, over 60 plus miles from his hometown. The ambulance not only raced against time but also against the heavy rainy weather which ruled out any chance that he could be air lifted to the much-needed children’s hospital. As my daughter rode in the ambulance with her extremely sick child, her husband and the rest of us drove through the rainy night on the dark country Carolina roads. You best believe prayers were expressed with each passing mile.

Now my grandson Grayson was in the care and hands of the doctors and nurses who specialized in newborn serious health conditions. All sorts of tests were done to rule out the various possible diagnosis. Before we looked up, days had passed by and Grayson’s condition began to go downhill steadily. Once he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a whole new set of challenges hit his tiny body.

It was touch and go as they attempted to get him off the breathing tube. I recall one doctor saying, “we will have to listen to Grayson to tell his story rather than try to write one for him” I realized at that point, it was going to take a miracle for Grayson.

He endured seizures, a stroke, a bleeding blood clot in the brain and the worst, cardiac arrest. The healthcare team worked endlessly around the clock, adjusting the various medications and treatments taking hm towards his wellness.

Each day was a ray of hope for restoration. After a little over two months, day by day, the assistive devices began to disappear. The last item removed was the NG feeding tube. It had taken quite the effort for him to regain the ability to latch back onto breast feeding.

Grayson was discharged on September 15th and he is back home and settled in enjoying the comfort of his home with his mother and father. He has a lot of maintenance medications but on that same note he has met many goals while becoming stronger. This has been a difficult life experience, as I watched him fight like the true warrior he is.

We don’t know how we will turn out once we are born. To prevail over uncontrollable conditions shows that we are conquerors, when we expend energy fighting for our lives despite the hand we are dealt. My grandson Grayson is a fine example of strength.

God held him in His arms the entire time of this ordeal. Maybe the only lasting outcome that might affect Grayson is to tire more quickly than others his age but that is yet to be seen. I say this because now as he lives with a minimal to mild stridor, wheezing sound caused by disrupted airflow, after all he had endured.

I recognize God being present the entire time. One last thing, all the supportive prayers have been answered. God Blessed Grayson with miracle after miracle and we, his family, are forever grateful.

For more information about infant cardiomyopathy follow this link.

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Congratulations to Kyra M. Lewis

This is the year of excellence for Kyra M. Lewis, a Penn State University student from the Frankford section of Philadelphia.

It was not long ago that this early graduate from the PA Virtual Charter School Class of 2013 entered college at the age of 16. At the prime age of 20 she has a lot to smile about. When Kyra embarked at Penn State Abington Campus, she knew it was going to require hard work and dedication. She credits her tears of jubilee to her supportive family, friends, and mentors but above all she graciously gives thanks to God as she has obediently followed the plan which was presented before her. Kyra is a determined young woman. She not only motivates herself but she inspires others through her charming personality.

Penn State Abington honored students at its annual Awards and Leadership Reception with families, friends, and other supporters in the audience on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. Kyra Lewis received the following award:

Eric A. and Josephine S. Walker Award: Recognizes an undergraduate enrolled at a commonwealth location whose outstanding qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and citizenship have been directed into programs and services that have positively influenced fellow students and have contributed to the prestige and well-being of their campus, and, hence, to the reputation of the University as a whole: Kyra Lewis.

Lewis served as an Orientation Leader for three years including as the head Orientation Leader. She is the founder and president of the Beauty Club, an organization that promotes beauty from within, by recognizing the power of self-esteem and a body positive image.

“She has contributed to a culture at Abington that sees beauty in all, regardless of size, color, religion or any other defining factor that is used to label others,” according to Gina Kaufman, director of Student Affairs.

Kyra will graduate from Penn State Abington on Friday, May 5, with a baccalaureate degree Psychological Social Sciences and a minor in Human Development. Following graduation she has accepted the generous career offer to work at Bancroft as a Clinical Assistant in New Jersey. Kyra intends to return to school for her master degree in the Fall of 2018. She will marry  Lance Corporal Shyeem Gayle of the United States Marines on Sunday, July 16, 2017.

Kyra’s family and community of friends are overflowing with joy over the ambitious milestones that this young woman has achieved. Many well wishes, as she continues in her future endeavors.

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Veteran of the Month

Good Old Army Days!

Good Old Army Days!

Albert W. Brooks was born 1938 in the Northeast of the Frankford section of Philadelphia. He received his education from the Philadelphia school system. Shortly after high school in 1952; he enlisted in the US Army-Paratroopers Division of CO-C 506 ABN INF & RE GT 101 ABN INF DIV-Fort Jackson, SC; August-September 1955.

On December 15, 1957, he challenged greater hurdles while serving in the military and earned rank as SGT Brooks with the completion of the Flame Warfare Orientation Course which he remarkably achieved prodigious merits. Later, Albert; was honorably discharged.

Albert the courageous loving husband to his wife Francis and a devoted father of two children; Veronica D. Brooks-Robinson (daughter) and Albert W. Jr. (son), he still continued in his valiant efforts and was an employee of the Desoto Chemical CO as well as a packaging company prior to his retirement years. He cherished and loved his grandchildren prior to his death in 1996.

Albert held a position and was an active member of the American Legion Post 224. He also volunteered countless amounts of volunteer hours helping the Frankford Chargers football league.

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2015 Youth Summer Feeding Program

JUNE 23rd to AUGUST 28TH
9-11 AM & 12-2 PM
Contact Person: Sophia Lewis: 215-288-9800

Meals are served to Youth Grades K-12 up to age 18 ONLY
BIBLE ACADEMY—Starts June 30th (Grades K-8) Tuesdays 10 AM & (Grades 9-12) Thursdays 10 AM

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Making the Grade!

Most of the time we immensely mull over “the not so as important other things”, which capture our fondest memories concerning school. These things, such as the appreciation for picture day, prom time, and or joining an elite club make a gut clenching disturbance from an educational standpoint of view.

For it is simply the slighted emphasis that is not placed on making the grades in school which then scrutinizes the tracking abilities of all student progressions. Report card grades are vastly if not more important and should be prioritized. Report cards projects a student’s performance academically.

Therefore the overview of this processing formula is something which includes the troika components of teachers, students, and parents and ultimately it should not be taken so lightly. Grades determine which type of a student your learner strides to accomplish in terms of realistic goals. So the greatest question which rolls from off the top of my thoughts are, so what are we going to do?

Two wholehearted suggestions move me to share with the audience readers, one would be to provide regular practicums and the second would be commending earnest efforts. When students are given ample opportunities to improve their results are spellbound with significant changes. “Seeing is Believing” shockingly students admire visual abilities of their names in lights. It’s like the feeling to that of a hit Broadway performer. The more a student can recognize his growth, he’ll expound far beyond his last previous accomplishments.

Reward, reward, praise and reward! Tell me who never liked special trinkets? Just about any learner would enjoy a sweet treat. Recognition have tons of different creative approaches. Certificates could be handed out at a special assembly but as for mastery students they would greatly magnitude their next levels of achievements even the more if they were provided with intensified challenges making them further exceptional.

Education requires discipline with a developed acquired sense to learn. Yet, at the same time implemented instructions, habitual study habits, and the art of teaching must show pedagogic inventions in all of its fullness. Making the Grade is a bridged intervention based on the equality of partnership between parent-involvement along with students participation housed together into our educational system.

Soon all school systems will be breaking for Thanksgiving Day and the  Winter Break, this is a great opportunity for mentors and advocates for the youth to plan educational fun-filled curricular activities having strategic tactics to enhance learning potentials. Be Creative! Increase Knowledge!

Would you like to improve your child’s Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)? You can have the brightest star student with the help services of SoTudor Resources. Don’t Delay make your evaluation appointment today! Call SOPHIA (215) 535-6965. Affordable Rates!