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Frankford Marathoner

Nafisah Ali Lewis has been running since February of 2013 when she got involved with Black Girls Run.  I met her at an event that Spring and she talked my ear off on the pleasure it gave her.  She was on a mission that was fulfilled this year on November 20th when she completed the Philadelphia Marathon.

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26.2 miles is kind of like running from Frankford down to International Airport and back, so its no small matter.  What makes a person want to do that?  In her own words:

I started training for my full marathon January 2015 with my coach Catherine Williams – Frank. Running is more than just running, its mental discipline, hard work. What I like about our group is that we motivate each other. We help each other. We push each other. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people. I started running not just to get healthy but what I like about it, is helping other people get to their goals as well as helping myself in the process.

Nafisah is more then just a runner.  She also operates her own candle making business, Just Good Scents ( as well as participating in a host of civic duties, mostly behind the scenes.

Congratulations to our Frankford Champion.

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  1. She’s more than that to the those of us who’ve know her for many, many, years. She is EVERYTHING! Our go to person. There is absolutely nothing she can’t do! I love you, Naah (aka Tiny)

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