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1st Annual MoveSomething.Run 5K is a new venture by Nafisah Lewis.  It’s an active entertainment organization for people interested in running events. They help build motivation, create race events, support networks and provide a healthy social outlet for both new runners and veterans of the sport. They work with local organizations helping to plan, promote and advertise running activities as well as organizing and sponsoring events.

Their inaugural event will be held on June 15th at Tacony Creek park.  See details below.

A portion this year’s inaugural run’s  proceeds will go to the Salvation Army’s New Day to Stop Trafficking Program

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Good Vibe at Frankford’s First Official 5K

It dawned cool (some might have called it cold), rainy and a breeze was moving in for Frankford’s first official 5k benefiting the Frankford Business and Professional Association on October 22nd.

The 5K was the brain child of Nafisah Lewis who talked about it in 2013 when I met her at the 5K at Harding Middle School in Frankford for the school’s CHICK’s health and welfare program.  Lewis took up running later in life and began with BGR (Black Girls Run).

The Harding run drew a great crowd and attention to Frankford with the sponsorship of Black Thought’s GrassROOTS Foundation.

As you can see from the pictures there was a great crowd this year from all over the area. I met one lady from Springfield, Delaware County who wanted to be here for the first race.  The track team from Frankford Friends turned out in force after raising the funds to enter.  BGR (Black Girls Run) was well represented as well as runners from all over Frankford.

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The results were:

  • Age 12 to 20 girl Celia Duhan 13 22:43.9
  • Age 21 to 35 girl Quinn Martin 28 30:11.2
  • Age 40 to 60 girl Nkenge Rush-Hall 41 28:21.4
  • Age 12 to 20 boy Yusef Jamaladdin 14 21:58.5
  • Age 21 to 35 Matthew Miller 21:57.5 (man)
  • Age 40 to 60 Yuself Jamaladdin 41 22:.33.2

It was a great day for Frankford and another milestone on the road to the future.

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Frankford Marathoner

Nafisah Ali Lewis has been running since February of 2013 when she got involved with Black Girls Run.  I met her at an event that Spring and she talked my ear off on the pleasure it gave her.  She was on a mission that was fulfilled this year on November 20th when she completed the Philadelphia Marathon.

nafisa 2

26.2 miles is kind of like running from Frankford down to International Airport and back, so its no small matter.  What makes a person want to do that?  In her own words:

I started training for my full marathon January 2015 with my coach Catherine Williams – Frank. Running is more than just running, its mental discipline, hard work. What I like about our group is that we motivate each other. We help each other. We push each other. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people. I started running not just to get healthy but what I like about it, is helping other people get to their goals as well as helping myself in the process.

Nafisah is more then just a runner.  She also operates her own candle making business, Just Good Scents ( as well as participating in a host of civic duties, mostly behind the scenes.

Congratulations to our Frankford Champion.

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New Leader at Northeast EPIC Stakeholders

char lewis

Nafisah and Charlene

Northeast EPIC Stakeholders announced at the meeting on February 27th that Charlene Lewis will be leaving her post and the new coordinator will be Nafisah Lewis.  She is at present working as an EPIC Elite.   Char will remain working in Frankford but in a new position at Turning Points for Children.

The meeting also featured Darlene Crawford and Jacquelyn Bivins of the Public Affairs Division of the Water Department.  In addition, Percy Rosales (Community Outreach for PECO) gave a ton of useful tips about how to save on your electric bill.

The next EPKIC Stakeholders meeting will be on Thursday, March 27th at 5:30 PM at the Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.