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World Class Musician at St. Mark’s in Frankford

On almost any Sunday at St. Mark’s Church in Frankford, you can hear acclaimed, award winning pianist, Timur Mustakimov,  play the piano.  He has been the church’s pianist for almost 2 years.

The gig in Frankford was not a career move for Timur, he was studying at Temple for a doctorate and needed a job and Rev. Clodfelter, the Rector, managed to secure his services for Sunday Worship Service.

It is an interesting collaboration, which the two seem to enjoy.  Timur will often play a piece before the start of the service, kind of like a warm up act for the main attraction.  He always seems to find music that will support the message that the priest, Father Jon, is trying to get across. The two collaborate beautifully.

The acoustics at St. Mark’s make it a great venue for any performance in the cavernous, Gothic, cathedral building.

Timur’s most recent achievement was winning first place of the second Midwest International Piano Competition! After competing with nineteen other pianists in the senior division from ten different countries, Mustakimov was the winner of a $10,000 cash prize and a CD recording with the Blue Griffin label. Timur was also the winner of the new Audience Choice Award, for which he received $500.

From the Iowa Public Radio Web site:

Timur Mustakimov performed Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto and Brahms’ Intermezzo in A Major, Op. 118 No. 2 for the final performance. Second place and $5000 winner was Alison Lee from the United States. Third place and winner of $2500 was Zhenni Li from China. First place in the Junior Division was JJ (Jun Li) Bui from Canada, winning $2500. Second place and winner of $1500 was Arthur Wang from Canada. Third place went to Jeffrey Chin of the United States, receiving $1000.

Russian pianist Timur Mustakimov, 28, is the winner of NTD International Piano Competition (New York, 2014), Heida Hermanns International Piano Competition (Westport, CT, 2013), Mannes Concerto Competition (New York, 2011), Jacob Flier International Piano Competition (New Paltz, 2007), Bach Piano Competition (Kazan, Russia, 2003).

Timur received his undergraduate degree from Kazan State Conservatory (Russia) under the tutelage of Alfiya Burnasheva. He continued his education at Mannes College in the studio of Vladimir Feltsman receiving full scholarship for the Master’s and Professional Studies programs. Timur is currently working on his Doctoral Program in the studio of Dr. Abramovic.

See the video below for a close up look.


Consider stopping by St. Mark’s on a Sunday morning at 10:00 AM.  Besides the music, the Clodfelter homily is always entertaining in itself.  It will be an experience to remember.