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Number 5 on the Bars of Frankford Tour

This week we are making a stop at 4346 Frankford Avenue.  It is legally called Poonam Inc. but is commonly known as the Quickie Mart.  It is not a bar but is on the tour because they sell beer.

This is a bright spot on the tour because the owner of the business (Harry Patel) came to the Frankford Civic Association 2 years ago and explained why he wanted to sell beer.  He said that all those other businesses along the Avenue that were selling beer were driving down his sales.  He bought his license (E211) and invested the money in remodeling the store to meet the legal requirements.

He has an E license which means:

Eating Place Retail Dispenser (E) In order to qualify for an eating place retail dispenser license, the establishment must be a reputable place where food is regularly and customarily prepared and sold. The establishment shall have a total area of not less than 300 square feet in one or more rooms, other than living quarters, and must be equipped with tables and chairs accommodating at least 30 persons at one time. 

The Quickie Mart seems to be in compliance.  He also remodeled the outside of the shopping center where the Quickie Mart is located at the same time.  He was very concerned that if he got into the beer business he did not want it to hurt the community.