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Frankford NAC Approves Auto Repair Shop

The vote went in favor of approving the application for a variance for the auto repair shop at 1911-15 Church Street at the Frankford NAC meeting on September 8th.

The property is zoned RSA-5 for single dwellings but has been in use as an industrial site since anyone can remember.  There was neighborhood support for the variance with one elegible voter in attendance.

The other cases on the agenda were:

1640 Church Street is seeking a variance for an auto detail/repair shop.  The owners failed to show for the third time and must now go through the application process again.

1930 and 1958 Bridge Street are single family homes and the owner wants to convert them to triplex apartments.  They came well prepared and made a presentation but the zoning notices on the properties were not on display (they had been vandalized) when the NAC visited the site.  The applicant posted new notices and will ask for a continuance and return to the next meeting for a vote.

The next Frankford NAC meeting will be held on October 13th at 7 PM at the 2nd Baptist church at 1801 Meadow Street.