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Low Life Thieves Steal Sign for the Second Time

Sometimes you have to tell it like it is.  There is no excuse for being a bum.

The Frankford CDC reports that the “Welcome to Frankford” sign, which was installed in Womrath Park, was stolen for a second time this past weekend.

The sign is part of the Destination Frankford wayfinding signage project, meant to replace the old signs along the El and to mark gateways to the Frankford neighborhood. This particular sign was originally installed in November, only to be stolen several months later.

It was finally replaced last week, on Thursday, September 22, and by Monday, September 26, it was gone again. Given the cost of fabrication, installation, and replacement ($7,700 initially and $3850 for replacement), they are unable to replace the sign at this time.


Gateway sign at the Frankford Transportation Center

The gateway sign at the Frankford Transportation Center is still in place and the CDC will be replacing the street name signage on the El structure as soon as  arrangements with the City and SEPTA are finalized.