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Focus on Frankford: Four on the Floor Veterinary Clinic

Leslye D’Ingianni was born with a love of animals right from the start in Auburn, New York and growing up in Abington, it continued to grow.

By High School she was thinking she would like to become a veterinarian but was discouraged by her guidance counselor.  She moved on to other things and excelled at breaking barriers in a variety of pursuits.

She did classic auto body restoration and was successful at buying and renovating real estate.  She wanted a farm and now has one on 30 acres, raising all her own organic crops, in Mays Landing, New Jersey.

With all of that, Something was missing. What was never fulfilled in her life, was that long ago desire to become a Vet and so, one day, she headed back to school.

She graduated from Stockton University in 2009 and the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 and became Doctor D’Ingianni.

One car that Dr. Les has worked on is also fun to drive

With her dream finally realized she went to work at the Frankford Animal Clinic on Leiper Street in Frankford.

She spent a year there gaining valuable experience and made many friends, both 2 and 4 footed which she treasures to this day.

Then she decided it was time for a change and founded the Four on the Floor Veterinary Clinic.

She is a mobile Vet who will come to your home and treat your pets, She specializes in dogs and cats.  Sick calls and wellness visits are  available.  She also provides end of life hospice care and end of life transition  in the comfort of your home.

She knows how pet owners feel for their animals.  She has Mr. Snuffy a Dashound, Isetta a Dashound, Wigit a Dashound, Cannoli an Exotic Short Hair, Cotton a Devon Rex, Cowboy a Devon Rex, Nabisco a Quarter horse Clydesdale mix and Snicker Doodle, Standard bred.

She commutes from South Jersey on a regular schedule to see her clients in Frankford and loves meeting new people as well as serving the existing ones.

She treasures Frankford for its diversity and enjoys sitting down with the people in the comfort of their home as she cares for their 4 footed friends.

When you ask what is the most rewarding thing about working with animals she says “Every day is a surprise, a challenge, a small kiss, a soft purr, gentle nicker, can teach  and remind you to love and cherish life.”

If you would like to reach Doctor Les to make an appointment or for more information, call 1-609-625-1015.