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Frankford NAC Zoning Approves Three

At the Frankford NAC zoning meeting:

4656 Worth Street – Zoned as RSA-5 residential. Applicant was requesting a variance to have a small Childcare Center. Charles Smith (applicant) was answering questions on the qualifications of owning, operating, and teaching in a child care setting. Space is a little bit over 1,700 sq. ft. So, they are not sure what the State will grant as far as how many children they are able to legally have. State comes in and measure usable space and divide that number by 40. This will give you the amount of children you can have. One person voted to approve. Variance was approved.

4645 Worth Street

1541 Adams Avenue – Zoned as RSA-5 residential. Houses were once on this property but now is a vacant corner lot located near Womrath Park. Applicant (Ismaila Traorle) was seeking a variance to operate a car sales on the lot. Although there were some concerns of additional cars being parked on the street, there was no one present who was qualified to vote. So, a letter of non opposition will be sent with a proviso stating no cars from the lot shall be parked on the street or on the sidewalk.

1541 Adams Avenue

4601 Frankford Avenue – Zoned as CMX-2 Commercial. Applicant (Fernando Torres) from Mark My Flesh tattoo shop came back to us because his first visit granted him permission but he had to come back to us in 3 years. This time around there were no opposition and no one qualified to vote. He had a letter of support from FBPA and residents who were there said that they were excellent neighbors and didn’t mind that they were there.

4601 Frankford Avenue – Entrance on Orthodox Street

The next Frankford NAC zoning meeting will be held on October 12th at 7 PM at a location to be announced.