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New Business for Oxford Avenue

Nana’s Day Care is going to open up in the old state store building at 4721 Oxford Avenue. It was once the Hub Arcade and then a State Store took up some of it.  Oscar’s alley was popular for a time there.  During the 30’s if briefly housed WFKD, Frankford’s own radio station.

It has slowly gone down hill since the glory days. Now it enjoys a fine view of the drug dealers who patrol Oxford Avenue between Frankford Avenue and Griscom Street.

Nana has another location at Torresdale and Frankford Avenues.  The question is will this new site be a replacement or an addition.  So far no comment from Nana.

They bought the building a few years ago and have been doing a lot of work over the last 2 months to get it fit for use.

Nana’s Day Care new location at 4721 Oxford Avenue 

The first thought many people express about a new day care center opening is why can’t a better business get into these buildings.  Well if there was a demand, they would but right now there is not, so its economical for the day cares to move in.  While they are there, they keep up the building and that is much better than a dilapidated wreck.

This will be a tremendous improvement to the block, bringing a formerly blighted building back from the brink.