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There Are Thousands of Points of Light in Frankford

We took a tour of Frankford on the evening of December 22nd to see the lights.

There is no need to go to the suburbs to see beautiful Christmas lights. Head over to the Wawa and get your hot chocolate and then drive Frankford for an hour.  Go to the streets you don’t usually use.  That turned out to be where the real treasures were.

It’s not crowded and the people are friendly if you stop and look.  People work hard decorating their houses and its nice that other folks appreciate it .


Thanks to all those who said hello and asked what we were up to when we were taking pictures.  Thanks to Lynda and Mari who sent in pictures last night.  If anybody else would like to add pictures of the outside of your house, email or text to 2158475506.  We’ll do the last update before new years and you can watch the slide show on New Years day.


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  1. I enjoyed that.

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