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Vans Come All the Way From Japan to Frankford

Local Frankford dealer finds niche market for quirky van – Philly

A great story about that garage on Wakeling Street across from Gambrel.

1947 Wakeling Street in Philadelphia – Home of Delica USA

Now we know what they do there.

The four vans, all at least 25 years old, were imports from Japan and parked in a row by Gambrel Playground on Wakeling Street, but they’d soon leave Frankford for places far wilder, to ford rivers in Oregon or explore Canada’s vast boreal forest with bizarre features like ice makers and power curtains. Inside the brick-faced garage across the street, Michael Shmulevich was fielding calls from Utah and Washington, the state, because these quirky vans are beloved by outdoors enthusiasts and have become the bulk of his business.

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