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Frankford Votes No for a New Recovery House

It was a packed house at the Frankford NAC zoning meeting on October 11th at Second Baptist Church.

  • 4501 Castor Avenue – PERMIT FOR THE ERECTION OF A DECK IN AN LOT WITH AN EXISTING SHOPPING CENTER WITH STRUCTURES AND USES AS PREVIOUSLY APPROVE. THE PROPOSED DECK WILL EXTEND AN EXISTING NIGHTCLUB AND PRIVATE CLUB LOCATED IN UNIT 8. NO CHANGES TO EXISTING PARKING. The issue is that the Makumba Restaurant and Bar, in the Juniata Plaza shopping strip, is zoned properly but the area in the rear of the restaurant where they built an outdoor dining area is not.  They need a variance to legalize the use of that part of their property.  There was no community opposition.  

    Makumba Restaurant and Bar

  • 1633 Orthodox Street – PERMIT FOR MANUFACTURING/PREPARATION OF PUDDING AND SWEETS (LIMITED INDUSTRIAL), RETAIL SALES OF PUDDING AND SWEETS (RETAIL SALE OF FOOD, BEVERAGES AND GROCERIES), CATERING SERVICES (CATERING AND COMMISSARY SERVICES) AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE SAME (WHOLESALE AND DISTRIBUTION) ON 1ST FLOOR STORE FRONT WITH VACANT ACCESSORY ATTACHED GARAGE AND PROPOSED TWO (2) FAMILY DWELLING ABOVE IN AN EXISTING STRUCTURE.  State Representative Jason Dawkins owns the property and applied to have the commercial use of the building legalized. It is zoned residential but has been in commercial use for as long as anyone can remember.  It was originally used by Dawkins grandfather for his business.  There was unanimous support for the change.

    1633 Orthodox Street

  • 4800 Frankford Avenue – PERMIT FOR THE ERECTION OF AN ADDITION TO AN EXISTING ATTACHED STRUCTURE (WITHOUT A CHANGE TO THE EXISTING BUILDING FOOTPRINT; ADDITION AT 2ND/3RD STORY), SIZE AND LOCATION AS SHOWN ON PLAN/APPLICATION. FOR USE AS SINGLE-ROOM RESIDENCES (SIXTEEN (16) ROOMS FOR MAXIMUM SIXTEEN (16) RESIDENTS), THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING; NO SIGNS ON THIS PERMIT.  This is an application by Wedge Recovery Services to operate a recovery home in the building for 16 young men.  There was significant community opposition which was expressed during a 30-minute discussion. The issues raised centered on the wisdom of putting the facility on one of the most active and crime-plagued drug corners in Frankford.  Residents voted to oppose the application.

    4800 Frankford Avenue

  • 4101-07 Paul Street – PERMIT FOR THE EXTENSION OF A TAKE-OUT RESTAURANT WITH SEATING FROM 1ST FLOOR TO 2ND FLOOR AND RETAIL SALE OF MALT BEVERAGES IN AN EXISTING ATTACHED STRUCTURE – This is a new operator of the business who took over 6 weeks ago. There was significant opposition from neighbors of the business.  Representative Dawkins offered to host a meeting between the applicant and the neighbors to see if their issues can be resolved.  The case has been continued until next month’s meeting.

    4101-07 Paul Street

    The next Frankford NAC zoning meeting will be held on November 8th at 7 PM at the Second Baptist Church.