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Frankford – Your Voices Were Heard

The zoning application by Wedge Medical for a 16 unit residential drug treatment facility at 4800 Frankford Avenue was withdrawn.

4800 Frankford Avenue

Thanks to all the people who showed up in person at the ZBA hearing downtown on November 14th.  They took up a lot of seats in the room.  Also thanks to the 15th District who sent the police officers who were prepared to testify to the drug and crime situation at the address.  Thanks to Representative Jason Dawkins and Kim Washington from the CDC.

Most of all thanks to those of you who could not attend the hearing in person but expressed your opinions online.  Your voice could not be ignored.  You can’t ignore the power of social media to show where you stand.

This is a win for Frankford but it is only for this issue at this location.  There will be others coming down the road.  Wege responded to Request for Proposals which originated with the City of Philadelphia when they decided that it would be a good idea to put a residential treatment facility in Frankford.  With all of the drug treatment facilities located here, we have enough.