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Early in the morning when I have nothing to do,
Out of nowhere this breeze blows through,
And then I stop and l think of you.

I haven’t seen you in over a year.
But this feeling I have keeps you near.
I don’t understand, we never argue, we never had a fight.
But the next thing I know you were out of my sight.

I’m totally confused this can’t be right,
When I think of all the memories everything seems to be all right,
We didn’t argue, we didn’t fight.

So early in the morning when I have nothing to do,
And that breeze just keeps pushing through,
I stopped and I wonder what happened to you.

It’s been over a year so I conclude,
You must have found it was time to move on.
But that doesn’t stop that breeze from blowing through.

This only happens when I have nothing to do
and in my mind I can only think of you.
That early morning breeze just keeps pushing through.