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Things to Do

Things to Do

When I woke up this morning, that old sun came shining through.
I looked around, and I said – I have nothing to do.
Now let me think, and get out my list of things to do,
And think about the things I forgot to do.

Because when that sun comes shining through, life gets a whole lot better.
That’s when I think about getting out of the house, and getting a new hairdo,
Polish my fingers, and my toes, and forget about the work I know I have to do.

When I look over that old list there may be a few things I may have missed.
But on a sunny day – like this, I think I’ll go out, and spend some money.
Because on sunny days life gets a little funny,
You need to get out of that house buy a new dress and spend some money.
Because that old list of things to do, will be there tomorrow when you have nothing to do.