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I won’t call you imperfect, I won’t call you damaged goods, it’s just some days you’re misunderstood.

It’s not yellow, it’s not red, it’s something that’s going on inside of your head.

It’s not musical chairs, it’s not a game that we play, something is going wrong inside of your head.

Could it be that you’re Longing for Better Days, could it be you’re getting older, and the medication that you take.

Sometimes you call me by the wrong name, I stopped and I look and I shake my head, but I answer knowing that’s not my name.

Because I want to keep that smile forever, on your face. Because, one day I may get older with God’s grace,

And I hope someone would want to keep a smile forever, on my face. Because, getting older is no disgrace.

So, try as you get older, to keep a smile – on your face.

By Lenny Jaynes