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First Date


I remember the first day we met, it was on a Sunday how can I forget.
You walked past me smelling like a rose.
I stopped and I looked, and you gave me a pose.
You stood there looking so dignified, in those black stockings running down your thighs,
Fingernails the color of pure gold, a small diamond protruding from your nose.
From that moment I thought it was fate, so I asked you for a date.
You looked at me and rolled your eyes, like this was some kind of surprise.
But I can still see the twinkle in your eyes. even though I may be running late,
I still remember our very first date. It was on a Sunday afternoon, now we’re on our honeymoon, and I still remember you smelling like a rose,
That day you stopped – looked at me, gave me a pose, then rolled your eyes.