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When you start wrestling with the darkness of your past,
Not knowing how much longer life’s going to last.
Then you reach down inside your soul,
You start telling stories how life done you wrong.
Then you start singing a different song, trying to forget all of the wrong you have done,
And still looking for forgiveness because you may not have that long.
Thinking there is a better path that you could’ve traveled on.
Then maybe you will find that peace, and rest that you’ve been looking for.
But when you look into your heart you may find,
A heart that is so forgiving, and you can’t understand why.
Because life is a struggle, and “Only the Strong Will Survive”.
But as you travel through the valley of life, looking for forgiveness, it may be hard to find. Because forgiveness is not given to you by man, forgiveness is given to you by God.

Lenny Jaynes