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Fallen Leaves


Do you know what it means to have a dream, and no one to share it with.

As I climb to the top of the stairs, and look around, and no one’s there, my dream just falls apart.

Like leaves from a dying tree that has lost its grip, and starts to fall with grace and gentleness, and land on the ground, to be found by someone who collects fallen leaves.

No this is not a story about a man who needs love or sympathy, just a man looking for someone who collects fallen leaves and becomes a part of his dream.

But, when he finds that one – who will share his dream, they’ll climb to the top of the stairs, to share a dream.

Knowing what it means, to share a dream, with someone who collects fallen leaves. And understand what it means to climb the stairs, and no one’s there, to share your dream.

This comes at a time while you’re lost in a dream, and all you can see is visions of fallen leaves. “Lost in a dream”. when all you see –  is visions of fallen leaves.