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Don’t Get It Twisted


Life can be sweet; life can be insane.
But Mama used to say, don’t never hook up with, a “Gambling Man.”
Because he’ll tell you that he loves you, he’ll tell you that he cares.
When you look around, he’s nowhere to be found.
Because he marches to a different drummer, he marches to a different plan.
Because he follows the games, everywhere.
The next thing you know, you’re in love with, a “Gambling Man.”
So, just look around, and you will see.
There is no future with loving, a “Gambling Man.”
He’ll leave you in a minute, he’ll leave you at the sound – of the dice rolling, cards shuffling, roulette wheel spinning, slot machines ringing.
He loves that crazy sound, cuz he’s, a “Gambling Man.”
So, don’t get it twisted, and you will see, there is no future in loving – a “Gambling Man.”