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Let Them Go


If you don’t need me let me know, if you don’t want me, let me go.
I don’t want to hear about the next time, I just want to know.
Where I can find peace of mind, so I can continue to grow.
In this world of uncertainties, and slow economic flow, because everyone needs direction, so they will know.
If they’re not needed or wanted, then just let them go.
Because everyone needs time to think, and ponder where they fit in, so, they can grow.
By letting them know this is not the end of their journey and entering a world unknown. And trying to figure out all the pieces, and where they should go!
It’s at this time when you turn, and tell them. It’s not that I don’t want you or need you, but it’s time that you should grow.
To become a better person. So, when you have children, you’ll know – when it’s time, to let them go. So, they too… can – continue to grow.

Lenny Jaynes