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2nd Baptist Hits the Mark with Take Me to the King


2nd Baptist Church of Frankford

The Christmas production of Take Me to the King at 2nd Baptist ran last Friday and Saturday. Once again they brought a great community theater experience to Frankford to a full house each night. The original play was written by Dottie Bradsbery and Debbie Jackson and performed by an ensemble cast. The story would ring a bell with those in any church large or small.

Mayella Covington, played by Yolanda Abner, is a force to be reckoned with in the church and she eventually finds her day of reckoning.  It is a serious story told with humor and a good dose of music.

We have some highlights along with the all the credits for the production on our YouTube page which you can get at this link.  It runs about 14 minutes and is just a sample of what you might find next time at the 2nd Baptist Church.


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Coming Up at 2nd Baptist

I attended the Christmas performance at 2nd Baptist last year not knowing what to expect.  What we found was really a great experience.  The staging was imaginative and the music was really excellent.  On December 7th and 8th they are presenting a show titled “Take Me to the King”.  If you can make time, put this on your schedule for the Christmas season.  It will be well worth it.