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Coming Up in Frankford

  • Grand Army of the Republic Museum Open House When – Sun, March 7, 12pm – 5pmWhere – 4278 Griscom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124 (map) Description – Presentation at 1:30 PM: Highlights of Civil War Medicine: The Men and Women who Served (Who they Were and What they did) Lesley Wood
  • Historical Society of Frankford program When – Tue, March 9, 7:30pm – 9:00pm  Where – 1507 Orthodox St., Philadelphia, PA 19124 (map)  Description – ANNUAL MEETING and PRESIDENT’S “BEHIND THE SCENES” TOUR — Come out and learn what has been done this past year at your historical society, as the annual report and financial review are presented. Your ideas are important — so tell us what activities you would like to see — and how you plan to get involved to make these happen. Then, enjoy a rare, behind the scenes tour of our 1930’s building and vast museum and library collections by our president. Don’t miss it! BYLAWS (Constitution rev March 1995) CHANGES TO BE VOTED: Board of Directors: Article IV-Section 1: Change from “comprised of 15 persons” to “comprised of not less than 7 and not more than 15.” Board of Directors: Article IV-Section 6: Change from “Eight directors shall constitute a quorum…” to “51% of the directors shall constitute a quorum.”
  • Aria Health – Frankford Campus Hosts Preventive Health & Wellness When – Wed, March 10, 10am – 2pm  Where – Frankford Campus – Wakeling Building, (map)  Description –  To help chart your preventive health and wellness goals as we look forward to the spring season, Aria Health’s Frankford Campus will host a FREE open house at its Wakeling Building. Highlights of the event will include health screenings, wellness exhibits and healthy lifestyle information. We hope you can join us! Featured Aria Health Education Resources: • Dr. Anthony J. Abbruzzi, Internal Medicine • Aria Health Center Clinic Services • Diabetes Self-Management Program – “Meet the Diabetes Educators” • Aria Health Nutrition Center – “Ask the Dietitian” and Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening • Health Partners – Resources on Community Education • Kidz Partners – Resources on Community Education Healthy Lifestyle Information: • Adult Vaccination/Preventive Screening Schedules • Smoking Cessation Resources • Diabetes • Nutrition • Cholesterol • Hypertension Health Screenings: • Cholesterol • Blood Pressure • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Northwood Civic Association Meeting When – Tue, March 16, 7pm – 8pm  Where – St. James Lutheran Church, at Castor Avenue and Pratt Street. (map)
  • Italian Style Family Dinner WhenSat, March 20, 4:30pm – 8:00pm  Where – St. Joachim’s Church, 1527 Church Street, Phila., PA 19124 (map)  Description – MARK YOUR CALENDAR Every Third Wednesday from September thru May Italian Style Family Dinner The Dinners will be served from 4:30 PM to 8 PM in Fitzmaurice Hall Take-out will be available. COST: $8.00 for Adults, $4.00 for Children. Come Join us!
  • Frankford Civic Association Meeting When – Thu, April 1, 7pm – 8pm – WhereFrankford Hospital – 2nd floor conference room (map)
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The Death of Joaquin Rivera at Aria Health Frankford

frankfordext6449I have been trying to avoid commenting on the death of Joaquin Rivera at Aria Health Frankford.  There are a few issues going on here but none of them changes the fact that this guy died in the hospital waiting room.  I like this hospital as much as you can like any hospital and go there several times a year for tests and the occasional ER visit.  The people there are generally cordial, helpful and professional.  So what happened?

Was this an anomaly or does the hospital routinely ignore people going into cardiac arrest.  The authorities will have to make that call.

Almost as important to me is what were those low life characters doing in the waiting room that night and where was the guard who always looks me over when I walk through there on the way to the Frankford Civic meeting once a month. Why were they permitted to have free reign of the premises as if they owned the place, thereby giving Mr. Rivera the final indignity of, after losing his life,  losing his property.

The thing that bothers me the most is the feeling that maybe, if those bums had not been in that waiting room doing their thing, the staff might have taken Mr. Rivera more seriously and he would be out of intensive care by now.  Maybe that was part of the problem.  So maybe the hospital ought to stop making “no comments” and clean up that operation.  The hospital is not a circus for the homeless to perform in.  Get them out so the sick people can get the attention they deserve.

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Frankford Health Care now Aria Health

Frankford HospitalIn what has surely been a long time coming, the Philadelphia Business Journal is reporting that Frankford Health Care Systems is changing it’s name to Aria Health.  They think the name “better reflects its dedication to providing the best clinical outcomes and personal experience in the greater Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County region”.

You know, it is what is.  It’s fairly obvious the Frankford Hospital brand conjures thoughts of economic decline, especially to patients from Northeast Philly so you really can’t blame them.  But it just leaves me nostalgic for my own childhood.  My pediatrician had his offices on Oxford Ave.  The ear, nose and throat specialist who put my tubes in had his offices in Frankford too.  And they all worked out of our local Frankford hospital.

It really speaks to Frankford’s place in the Northeast.  Doctors offices once dotted the landscape.  But the times change, the Torresdale facility opened and stole all of the obstetrics away.  And the rest of the doctors went with them.  The same thing happened with Frankford(the neighborhood)’s residents.  They all went further and further into the Northeast.