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Adams Avenue Extension Moved Up on the Schedule

Thanks to Daniel Adair for the tip on this.  The plan to rebuild Adams Avenue and extend it from Torresdale to the Betsy Ross interchange had been schedule for 2019 but will now begin later this year.  One of our favorite projects, the Frankford Greenway will also be constructed along the right of way at the same time.  See the details below.

Last week the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) approved PennDOT’s request to expedite a pair of construction projects on Adams Avenue in Bridesburg.…

Source: PlanPhilly | PennDOT rehabilitating and extending Adams Avenue, fixing major sinkholes under US-30 near Exton

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About that “consensus” on zoning | City Observatory

The story below came courtesy of Bridesburg’s Danial Adair.  The story address an issue that has come up at meetings in Frankford about zoning.  Who should have input on development projects?  Read the story and see what you think.  Our system now gives more weight to the opinions of those within two blocks of the property even when the development may have broader impact.

The City Observatory is a study of modern-day cities and urban development practices.

Source: About that “consensus” on zoning | City Observatory