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Denbys Sweet Sensations Turns One!

Therice Denby opened her soul food shop and bakery on Frankford Avenue a year ago, and has seen her business thrive in those short twelve months, attracting Frankford residents and bringing new folks to the Avenue who might not normally make their way to Frankford.

Like all good small business owners, Therice knew when she opened her doors that the road ahead would not be an easy one, but that if she worked hard and stuck to a sound plan, she could build a sustainable business that created positive energy here in our community. And she has done just that, using her savvy marketing skills to promote her delicious soul food and baked goods. She’s learned some lessons along the way, of course, about promotion and the day-to-day management of a storefront, which she’ll use to expand upon the client base she’s cultivated so skillfully over the past year. Stay tuned for information about open mic nights, karaoke, and more!

If you haven’t stopped by her shop yet and indulged in a cookie or piece of cake, you are missing out on more than some of the most delicious food in Frankford. You’re missing out on a restaurant with some good, old-fashioned warmth and hospitality. To know Therice is to love her. And the Frankford CDC is constantly amazed by the talent that shines through her specialty cakes.

So, we send our heartfelt congratulations to Therice, and are looking forward to working with her for years to come!

Visit Therice online here: out for pictures of her amazing specialty cakes, just some of which we’ve included below. 


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Another Day, Another Round of CDC Events

The Frankford CDC just can’t stand sitting still, so on Tuesday we held not one, but two, business spotlight events. We started our day at Frankford High School, where we teamed up with the Student Success Center to hold a round table discussion focused on owning your own food business. The panel consisted of three women entrepreneurs based here in Frankford, Lily Fischer of A Cupcake Wonderland, Tegan Hagy of Philly LoveBar, and Therice Denby of Denby’s Sweet Sensations (4428 Frankford Ave). All shared great insight in to the hard work involved in being a small business owner, their decision making processes, and where they see their businesses headed in the next few years. As always, the Frankford High School students were wonderful, and asked some great questions!

In the afternoon, we headed over to Aria’s Frankford Campus for our first Business Spotlight Day. As you may remember, Aria and the Frankford CDC are launching a new program whereby four Frankford businesses, four times a year, set up a table for an afternoon in Aria’s cafeteria and get to know Aria staff who might not ordinarily find themselves shopping on the Ave. We had a great time speaking with Aria’s dedicated staff, and think some great connections were forged!

Stay tuned for more information about coming events, and for details about how to get involved! And if you have an idea for a business support event, we’d love to hear from you! Just call our offices at 215-743-6580.