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Fisher’s Lane Bridge and the Rowland Estate

It has been quite a week here at Gazette headquarters.  The question about the oldest house in Frankford set off a flurry of emails that got me a ton of leads.  It will take a while to sort it all out but Fisher’s Lane has to rank up there as one of the most intriguing places in Frankford.

4501 Fishers Lane

Joe Menkevich has a lot of research on the Lane and the history of the area.  He passed on this picture that he took of the former Rowland residence which dates to 1793 or so.

Below right is a picture of the cornerstone of the Fisher’s Lane bridge.  As you can see by the date, it is certainly old.  Joe believes that the original 1759 bridge was rebuilt and the cornerstone was then reset in the new bridge.

Cornerstone of Fishers Lane Bridge

Below is a beautiful picture of the bridge itself taken by Fred Moore in infrared.

Fishers Lane Bridge by Fred Moore

You can get some interesting views of the bridge in this series of  pictures by Fred Moore done in infrared.

Have a look at the Historic Buildings and Places in the Northeast Survey and Database compiled by Historical Society of Frankford Center for Northeast Philadelphia History here.  You will find the Rowland House and the Fishers Lane bridge.