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Things I’ve Learned From the Message Board and A Picture I’m Not Posting Here

Since the last time I pleaded for any of Frankford’s thirty eight THOUSAND residents to go over to our message board and strike up a conversation, I’ve learned quite a few things.

  • Too many things to list about Overington Manor, that thread itself has made setting the message board up worthwhile
  • The clubhouse for the Frankford Yellow Jackets was the corner house at Penn and Dyre
  • It has been alleged that Leandro’s Pizza is the best pizza in Frankford
  • The PMBC’s first cleanup this year is on April 4th

P.S.  I’ve posted 2 photos.  One is of Overington Manor in 1951, the second one is the exact same shot I just took this past Sunday, 58 years later.  I haven’t posted it here though.  It’s over on the message board.