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Rock and Roll Christmas

When you turn the pages in your mind,
and look back over the years,
and remember how good it was.

When Mommy and Daddy were here.
with Daddy playing Santa Claus and
Mama pulling on his beard.

Oh yes, we had a rock and roll Christmas,
one that would last throughout the year.
yes, I still remember that rock and roll Christmas,
and that happy New Year.


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The Remnants of Your Scent


Yesterday you were just a flower growing from the Earth.

It’s not all about your beauty, but the remnants of your scent.

It’s that sweet intoxicating aroma you left to linger in the air.

As the rain and winds surround us, your fragrance still lingers there.

It’s not about the beauty of the flower that I want to see,

It’s all about your sweet aroma that intoxicates me.



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Happy Veterans Day

Still Free

As we stand in the Vet’s cemetery on this Veterans Day,

and watch the flag dance in the breeze

as if to watch over all the men and women who have given their lives in such an honorable way,

So that we may all be free.

In a world with so much turmoil,

But yet,

We are still free.

Today is the day that we give thanks to all the veterans who have paved the way and thank them

Each and every morning because

Today we are free.

Still Free

11th Hour – 11th Day – 11th month


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Hard but Fair

Hard but Fair

Sometimes the lessons we learn are hard but fair.

Sometimes the lessons are too hard to bear.

Sometimes a lesson is to show you that someone cares.

Sometimes a lesson can go too far, and in life leave you with all kinds of scars.

So stay in line, and learn your lesson, and no matter what the situation or the lesson.

It still can be hard but fair.


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When You Realize

Life is more than the heartbeat in your chest, 
The way you were raised,
The way you talk,
Even the way you dress.

Life is more than just a heartbeat in your chest,
It's what you see,
How you move
How you learn to impress.

Life is more than just a heartbeat in your chest,
It's when you rise, 
When you run,
When you lay down and rest.

That's when you realize that you are blessed,
When your heart keeps beating in your chest.

By Lenny Jaynes