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Revolutionary War Soldiers Honored at Pennepack Baptist Church

Joe Menkevich tipped me off to this event as it was planned so I know he was deeply involved in the research (his specialty) involved.  When I happened to find a copy of the Northeast Times I was happy to see they had given it pretty good coverage by sending Bill Kenny.  So naturally I went to the web site to find the article online and it was not listed on the web page.  Now that seemed foolish.  I used the search function and there it was hidden but certainly not in plain sight.

During last week’s Northeast History Network event, members adorned the graves of both Holme brothers, as well as six other men, with markers signifying their uniformed Revolutionary War service.

Moore and Joseph Menkevich of Northwood developed the program for the history group in cooperation with Pennepack Baptist and its cemetery caretaker, Tim Unruh.

The historical revelations came fast and furiously.

“That’s exactly the point of this whole thing, learning stuff and putting pieces together,” Moore said.

You can read the entire piece here.  The video below is the activity marking the graves.  This link will take you to another video of the activity inside the church.  Both videos courtesy of Joe Menkevich.